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PHI Display Card

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Cool links you might find interesting:

Milestones in embedded systems design

What is an Embedded System? (Quicktime video)

Write only memory data sheet: page 1 page 2

Impure Mathematics: The Adventures of Polly Nomial

Amateur Digital Modes (thanks to WB8NUT)

How to brew beer in 2 minutes
My brother Dan is the co-owner of
Element Brewing Company in Miller Falls, MA
This is how they do it.

URI Links (scroll down)


Lear Jet mounted dual periscope camera system:










 200+ signal distribution over high-speed serial link using
Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA


URI Links:

Asterisk/app_rpt project
Integrates 2-way radio with telephony

AllStar Link - registry of amateur radio repeaters and remote base stations

PTT Link - registry of repeaters for CB, Business Bands, FRS/GMRS/MURS, etc.

Download Centos (ACID) ISO image with Asterisk here

Asterisk - open source telephony engine and tool kit

Zapata Telephony - affordable computer telephony platform

Limey Linux - free distribution with asterisk support

Xelatec VoIP and RoIP Products and Services

app_rpt-users email list sign up here

app_rpt-users Archives (searchable)

PickleJar Research Pico Node for BeagleBoard-xM

Repeater Builders Technical Information Page

BatLabs - Lots of stuff on Motorola radios

Ham Radio Resource Guide

Micro-Node AllStar Link Thin Client / Voter System

URI Cables thanks to Marshall KE6PCV

3-5 um IR dual FOV Lens


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